DB25, M/F, Modem Adaptor (1139)

DB25, M/F, Modem Adaptor (1139)

Parallel Connector (DB25) Modem Adapter. Modems have their transmission and receiving lines crossed like in a crossover cable to allow for direct device to device communications. Connect this between two parallel ports on a pair of computers for data link transfers. Additional software may be required*Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available. Therefore; changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice. Item received may not match photo or specs shown.

Price: 4.04 USD

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  1. Here are some (more or less well known) programs I don’t want to live without:
    1. Everything by voidtools – Instantenous file/folder search with low memory footprint
    2. CopyQ – Clipboard Manager, simply the best out of the one’s I’ve tried (available for Mac/Windows/Linux)
    3. X-Mouse Button Control – Macros for Mouse Buttons, allows switching between different Layers(Configurations) per App
    3. QTTabbar – Tabs in Windows Explorer (should be built into Windows per default, really), no more having to open 5 different instances of the explorer to copy files from one location to the other
    4. f.lux (or Sunsetscreen or any other app that filters blue light) – protect your eyesight at when working at night
    5. Process Explorer – better, more feature rich alternative to Windows Task Manager
    6. WinCDEmu – mount any disk image as if it were a physical drive (Windows Explorer can only mount iso’s)
    7. WinRAR or 7-Zip – I prefer WinRAR these days, 7-zip used to give me trouble when it didn’t like the path or filename of the archive’s.

  2. Sublime text costs 80$. There are alternatives, like notepad++ which is free. Alternative is Visual Studio Code, which is also free. If you are full time coder, then try all and choose yourself.

  3. This video is great! I just got a new computer to play games on it and use it for a lot of stuff and this video helped me with telling me what i should have and use on it!

  4. What programs do you install when setting up a new PC? Other programs not mentioned that I immediately install include Plex, and OBS Studio… Sublime Text can be evaluated for free before you buy it. Currently, there is no enforced time lime for the evaluation… Thanks for watching 🙂

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