The Creme Shop Blue Compact Travel Manicure Set, 6 pc

The Creme Shop Blue Compact Travel Manicure Set, 6 pc

The Creme Shop Blue Compact Travel Manicure Set: Contains: 1 cuticle pusher, 1 nail clipper, 1 tweezer, 1 scissor, 1 nail file, and 1 pouch for precision trimming and grooming.

Conveniently travel sized for fixing quick emergencies like broken nails and hangnails. Easy to use!

Price: 4.41 USD

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  1. I really miss this kind of video 🙂 It’s not just the "looking at an unknown" PC, but definitely you doing it and giving your comments that makes those videos really run 😉 Perhaps something relatively easy to do to get back into technical stuff? (besides the things you "really" want to do of course :D)

  2. Selecting the option of "Last known good configuration of when your system worked" is never a bad idea to try. I noticed you ignored that option twice. A last known configuration is a type of system restore. Sometimes it’s the surest way to gain access to a stubborn computer.

    One thing you should be aware of though is that if a password was set on the login screen, the last known configuration option will expect you to enter the password. However, there is a CD software that can be purchased for around $12.00 that will delete any password on an XP and Windows 7 computer. So there is a way to bypass all the dramatics.

  3. Just thought of a possibilty of using a FM2+ mother that supports the AMD -7850k and GDDR3 memory might be something worth trying also the fact that FM2+ motherboard is a Micro-ITX board.

  4. Maxxarcade, Trash picks are the best! I found a Dell XPS 730x at the dump, it has 2 ATI radeon dual monitor cards and a factory water cooling system and the lighting effects in it. I ended up giving it to one of my employees because I just don’t have any room for it and I just got a new case or otherwise I would have kept it and put my hardware in it. It was just too nice to see something like that get thrown away. If I lived closer to you I probably would have sent it your way lol

  5. this is crazy… i just click in this video cause i was bored.. then when i was checking what this dude has as music, i found out a group from 60s that i was looking for desepsrate.. i couldnt remember the band name.. how strange life is tho…. thnks destiny..

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