50 thoughts on “How to make your computer/laptop run faster (3 simple steps)”

  1. actually, this doesn’t exactly make the computer run faster. It is just optimizing the PC for programs, not make the computer to run faster.

  2. By the way the step when he deletes prefetch is a bad idea. It is a myth that deleting it will make your pc faster. Prefetch actually helps to speed up the system over time, so deleting this will just make your pc have to collect all the data again making the start up slower.

  3. The thing is my laptop is actually really really slow it can’t even open up the windows search bar thingy…. 😕 I’m getting ready to throw my laptop out the window

  4. Great mate. I wonder if u can help me. I’ve just bought a lenovo h530s i7 second hand and I already had one from new a few years back. But this one identical but the icons seem weird, like they r from an earlier pc
    Any idea on this?? Also the mouse can’t drag the screen, it just seems flat compared to my other one. Really annoying. Could you please help me

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