DXRacer Chair Differences Explained

DXRacer Chair Differences Explained

Kevin goes over the differences between DXRacer models!
Prices, Colors and Availability: https://www.playtech.co.nz/gaming-accessories/gaming-office-chairs.html.

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50 thoughts on “DXRacer Chair Differences Explained”

  1. "Gamer chairs" are infantalized, hideous, childish looking hunks of manchild marketing shit. Anyone over 13 who buys these racecar beds is a fucking loser & is unlikely planning to ever have a female over to their residence. If you have anything in your decor that has orange & neon green racing stripes on it, you are a man child with tacky shit taste.

  2. This video still makes me laugh to look back on, it was really fun to make!
    If you are looking for an AKracing Chair Differences Explained video I have also done that on my channel!

  3. m 6.3 Tall and 173 lbs im a tall a thin from CHILE!! and in need your help… im tired of my old chair i and I want to rest my head on the chair! Which chair do you recommend? and how soft are the fillings of the chairs? Do they change a lot by model?
            Greetings from South America

  4. Hello, game lovers.I am also a game-loving person. Once i heard that DXracer gaming chair and the anda seat gaming chair both are very good so I bought one. and it’s really a good gaming chair."Although there are many available in the market, among them the best is and seat. The reason for calling it best is its racing car chair designing, and the authority for newbies to easily screw or unscrew at any time. There is no need for screwing tools to set this chair, as they have made it in a way so anyone could easily do it by themselves in a minute.

  5. hey guys, I need an advice plz, I have an office chair, it’s ok but when I am like 1hour working in my pc, it turns too hot and its unconfortable, this chairs have a different material talking about temperature?

  6. Pause the video @3:00 and look at the stitching and how they don’t line up? Look at the seat base and the black on the left side coming down the front to a point then look at the other side see it? Wow Dxracer is Horrible!

  7. They might have renamed the chair with the red sides to "Iron", at least those are the only chairs that look even remotely similar on the website.
    It’s also the one I’ve been using for almost 3 years: It’s pretty comfortable and I’m using it without any of the pillows (they’re too thick imo). The only complaint I’ve got: The material on the actual seat started to crack a couple of months ago and now there are multiple cracks, going from the front to about one third of the way towards the back.

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