The best way to sit at your desk at work

The best way to sit at your desk at work

There’s a lot of false information about the proper posture you need to use when you sit at a desk. Cornell University ergonomics professor Dr. Alan Hedge setting out why the 90 rule do more harm than good, and what the right way is to put on your desk.

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48 thoughts on “The best way to sit at your desk at work”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Improper posture may put us at risk of developing back problems and pain. This could also lead to nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This video is going to be a great help!

  2. So what about the tilt mechanism on the seat of the chair? Shouldn’t my upper legs be level & not inclined upward to promote circulation? If I tilt my chair back at the base my knees are then higher than my hips. Although this feels more comfortable on my back isn’t it worse for circulation?

  3. Thanks a lot for clarify this posture, years ago a pain specialist told me that the backrest from the chair, was for that: "to rest your back on it" looking at the web always appears the 90 degrees position and that’s for killing anyone’s back.

  4. What about us that need files and binders infront of the keyboard, don’t have the option to pull the screen closer nor the keyboard or the mouse, I have to streach for it. I get huge amount of tention in my shoulder.

  5. A $30 monitor mount can do more for your posture than a $600 chair. The stands monitors come with take up space on the desk, so there’s a limit to how close and high you can get the screen. If you get a monitor arm that clamps onto the back of the desk, you can get your monitor hanging right over your keyboard, keeping your from getting tempted to lean in.

  6. The best way to sit is to stand up. I studied a lot and this is what I am doing now to maintain my health (I feel great now and I have a chronic disease) : I hacked my office, I got a trampoline, a home bicycle, some elastic bands and accessories.. a stand up desk (from time to time). and I use them every 30 minutes or so. When I sit I’m using a lumbar pillow (kebado – you can find it on amazon) but most of the pillows will do the trick. Many people think that going to gym is enough… but studies showed that we need stay active all day long.

  7. He failed to mention the most important thing that validates his theory. That is, you can’t achieve what he is asking/advocating, without a keyboard tray. How foolish, to make this video, and not show how you can use a keyboard while working in the desired "open angle" at the hips (greater than 90 degrees). It requires a close and low keyboard position….and he doesn’t provide that perspective….foolish to not point that out. No, I DON"T sell keyboard trays….

  8. this clip is WRONG, I induced lower back pain from sitting at an angle for too long! Now I sit straight (90 degree) with a proper back support, monitor at my eye level. Because if you sit at an angle, you are shifting your pelvis bone which eventually will pitch your lower back muscle and give you back pain (extreme numbness or pitching pain). Also by eye level with the monitor also takes away the straining you give to your neck and shoulders, no need to bend down to look. Trust me, I am a new person now since I have using this technique for over a year, no more pain, no more massage therapist, no more physiotherapist!

  9. Thank you! As a computer programmer, I have to sit for many hours a day. I would try to sit up straight, but my back muscles felt very stressed after some time.

  10. The best way is to lay in bed with screen mounted to the ceiling and only use thought control. My research says this is the best way. But who cares how this affect our muscles over time….

  11. Does this leaned back posture not cause stress on the neck? It seems like sitting like this would create the head forward position that laptop usage causes, which results in poor posture.

  12. sorry , but I don’t think that "to sit the way that you usually sit when driving a car" is a good analogy…. maybe some car sits are ergonomically made to sit correctly… unfortunately, not the ones I can afford…( or even test drive)….

  13. Ok but now your head is tilting downwards and your shoulders are slouching. For hours at a time, you don’t want your elbows out in front of you, you want them lower and with your hands nearly on your lap. That is the most natural position for your body. Your screen should also be positioned rather high and go good distance away so that you lift your chin.
    Your legs are a different story, but the biggest issue you will see is a weak core and pelvic tilt from sitting at your desk without the core being activated ever.

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